Company Mission Statement and Policy

Welcome to the COMMUNITY MARKETING PARTNERSHIP. The mission of Community Marketing Partnership is providing quality advertising to businesses of all shapes and sizes quality advertising at an affordable rate. Below are what is required to maintain success and put some $$$ in your pocket at the same time.

  • Stick to the script!
  • Do not tell customers that you work IN, AT, or FOR the Veterans Post.
  • Do not lie to your customers or make up figures for your customers.
  • Do not use slang, inappropriate jokes, or humor while on the phone.  Remain professional at all times.
  • The phone receivers are very sensitive and your voice can be heard by other phones in the office.  Do not swear or use any inappropriate language while in the office.  No profanity on the sales floor.  Not only do some workers consider this language offensive, but customers can hear the background sounds. That can affect someone’s sale.
  • No violence, threats, or intimidation of any kind will be tolerated.  ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Do not attempt to make any personal calls or send personal emails.  Everything is monitored and recorded and you will be terminated immediately.
  • Understand that all incoming, outgoing, and internal calls are recorded and subject to monitoring.
  • All websites visited are logged and recorded, as well as all keystrokes made while logged onto the system.
  • All white listed websites are for work purposes only.
  • If you sell below our published price, or give away views or ads, or other unauthorized “FREEBIES”, you will NOT get credit for that sale.  This could result in termination of employment with CMP.
  • Do not ever take customers payment information yourself!
  • Every salesman has the right to make a sale, but no sales representative has the right to cancel a sale.  You must go through a CSR to cancel any sale.
  • The sales close is to be read verbatim on all sales calls.  Credit for the sale will not be given if not read verbatim.
  • Remain in 704 compliances at all times while in the office.  (NO HATS OR BEANIES)
  • Coffee, creamer, and office equipment are the exclusive property of COMMUNITY MARKETING PARTNERSHIP.  Do not abuse this privilege. NO STEALING.
  • Take advantage of the Lending Library resources.  The more you improve your skills, the more valuable and successful you’ll be.

This program is not easy, and it is not a free ride. But, with courage & commitment you can learn new skills, earn substantial retention savings, gain potential employment possibilities, and the opportunity for you to acquire social and reintegration skills.