$1 Down Amendment

Due to our new payment system we will no longer be able to process $1 down sales. We simply just need to get the card on file now and you can push the first payment out UNTIL WHEN THE AD IS APPROVED OR 30 DAYS WHICHEVER COMES FIRST. Below is an example of the verification script for when you get a sale without payment.

Non Payment

Hello  this  is  YOUR NAME  I  have  CUSTOMER NAME  on  the  phone  and  their  phone  number  is ________.  They  are  joining  the  Project  today with  a  Geo  campaign  for  $               a month  for  ________  months  they  will  be  putting  a card on file and  their first  payment  of  $_______  will  be  deferred  until when the ad is approved, or up to 30  days,  whichever comes  first.  (LET THE VERIFIER TAKE OVER)

Click HERE to see the full script and verbage used when speaking to the customer concerning a deferred payment close. Remember this is not a pitch but a rebuttal to objections given by the customer, ask for the money and be confident in our product and your abilities as a salesman!