Pitch Higher Prices

Adding value to the product is a must when making sales, but the approach should reflect the highest value. By this I mean start with the highest monthly price and use the lower prices for rebuttals. This gives the first impression to the customer that our product is premium and highly sought after and also gives you the opportunity to build rapport by giving them a better deal to cater to their needs. When a customer hears that we will be able to put their business in front of thousands of potential customers, the draw for them to invest in that grows exponentially.

This is also a great opportunity for you to ask for the full payment and offer them a discounted rate and collect extra money for yourself! Don’t be afraid to ask for the money, especially with the amount of value that build for the product. The world is still spending money and that means businesses everywhere are looking to build value in their company or product and using our service is the best way to go about it!