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Real Estate:

Veteran Approved Realtor & VA Loan Specialist

Thinking of Buying a Home? Need To Sell Your Home?

Turn Your VA Loan Into Your Dream Home!


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Rates Are Low! Become a Homeowner or Refinance Now!


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Funeral Homes/Hospice/Assisted Living/Elderly:

Respect Your Loved One’s Wishes

Care and Compassion For Your Loved Ones

Caring and Compassionate (Affordable) Senior Care

Retail/Auto Parts/Auto/Cycle Dealer:

Lowest Prices On ____ Guaranteed

Highest Quality ____ Guaranteed

Summer (Seasonal) Special Pricing on ____


Protect Your Loved Ones

Paying Too Much For ____ Insurance?

Fast Easy Lowest Cost ____ Insurance Trades: Plumbing/Construction/Paint/Roof/Electrical

Our Prices Won’t Shock You

Quality ____ At Affordable Prices

Get Your ____ Ready For Summer/Winter

Is Your ____ Ready For Summer/Winter


Dose Your ____ Need a Trim?

Quality, Affordable Lawn/Property Maintenance/Snow Removal (Plowing)

Tattoo Shop:

Got Ink?

Want Great Body Art?

Express Yourself (The Real You)

Property Management:

We Pre-Screen Your Tenants

1, 2, 3 Bedroom Rental Apts and Condos Available Now

Vacation Rentals In ____ (city/region)

Quality, Affordable Home and Building Maintenance